South Dakota Developmental Center

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Mission Statement

The mission of the South Dakota Developmental Center (SDDC) is to provide comprehensive specialized services designed to enhance quality of life and community inclusion for people with Intellectual Disabilities and/or Developmental Disabilities.

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Guiding Principles

When needed services are not available in a community setting, SDDC provides short-term individualized treatment services to promote skill development and self-management so people can transition to living successfully in the community.

SDDC serves as a state-wide resource providing supports and services to stakeholders and providers through consultations, training, evaluations, etc., with the goal to assist people live in the least restrictive environment.

SDDC sustains a positive and therapeutic residential treatment environment providing high quality services through a knowledgeable workforce who are compensated fairly for their work and are treated with respect.

SDDC encourages active participation of the person's support network (family,friends, etc.) to strengthen natural supports.

Believing that all people have the capacity for growth and development. SDDC incorporates person centered and positive behavior to maximize self-determination and independence.

Provide services in a manner which demonstrates a commitment to best practices and ethical standards while assuring financial responsibility to safeguard the ongoing ability to carry out the mission of SDDC.

Advocate for the rights of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities and demonstrating our commitment to this by respecting the dignity of those who use our services.

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