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Office of the Secretary

Division Contact Phone              # Fax                  # Program
Department Secretary Shawnie Rechtenbaugh 605-773-5990 605 773-5483 Provides administration and direction to all areas of the Department of Human Services.
Legal Services Carole Boos 605-773-5990 605-773-5483 Provides legal services to the Department Secretary as well as to other programs within the Department
Guardianship Program Chelsea Lolley 605-773-5990 605-773-5483 The purpose of the Guardianship Program is to provide guardianship and/or conservatorship service through court appointment for adults with developmental disabilities who are receiving services or financial assistance from the department and who have no other individual or entity qualified and/or willing to serve in this capacity.
Guardianship Establishment Program Chelsea Lolley 605-773-5990 605-773-5483 The purpose of the Establishment Program is to assist families or friends of adults with developmental disabilities pay legal costs up to $500 associated with establishing a guardianship and/or conservatorship.
Director of Budget and Finance Denice Houlette 605-773-5990 605-773-5483 Provides support services to oversee and manage the department's budget and financial operations.
Assistant Director of Budget & Finance

Jenny Johnson

605-773-5990 605-773-5483 Provides support to the Director of Budget and Finance, accounting services, financial reporting, cost allocations and processing of vouchers through the state's financial reporting system.
Provider Reimbursement and Grants Alana Suiter 605-773-5990 605-773-5483 Provides auditing services for the department as well as reimbursement methodology and reimbursement rates.

Division of Developmental Disabilities

Division Director

Darryl Millner

605-773-7562 Provides support to people with developmental disabilities and their families.
Family Support Program Jaze Sollars  605-773-3438
605-773-7562 Provides service coordination and flexible funding to purchase services and supports that are customized to meet the varied and changing needs of each child and family, as identified by the family.
Respite Care Program Jaze Sollars  605-773-3438
605-773-7562 Provides services or relief for families caring for children or adults with special needs in their home.
Community Support Providers Division of Developmental Disabilities 605-773-3438
605-773-7562 Division of Developmental Disabilities has funding, certification, and monitoring responsibilities of these centers, which serve other individuals with developmental disabilities in a variety of settings.

South Dakota Developmental Center - Redfield

Director Barb Abeln 605-472-4210 605-472-4457 Provides services to persons with Developmental Disabilities.
Program Services South Dakota Developmental Center 605-472-4210 605-472-4457 Provide services to persons with developmental disabilities, enabling them to reach their highest level of independence.

Division of Long Term Services and Supports

Director Yvette Thomas 605-773-3656 605-773-4085 Provide opportunities to enable older South Dakotans and adults who are disabled to live independent, meaningful, and dignified lives while maintaining close family and community ties by promoting in-home and community-based services to prevent or delay premature or inappropriate institutionalization.
Aging & Disability Resource Connections (ADRC) Deb Petersen 605-773-3656 605-773-4085 The ADRC provides objective information and assistance to help individuals, regardless of income or resources, identify and access available public and private long-term services and supports within their local communities.
Adult Protective Services Cassie Lindquist 605-773-3656 605-773-4085  
Home Community-Based Services Waiver Program Misty Black Bear 605-773-3656 605-773-4085 The Home and Community Based Services Waiver operated by the Division of Long Term Services and Supports, allows the Department to use Title XIX Medicaid to provide home and community-based services to individuals that are risk for institutionalization.  
Nutrition Samantha Dewell 605-773-3656 605-773-4085  
Transportation Jim Severson 605-773-3656 605-773-4085 The Division of Long Term Services and Supports does not directly provide transportation services, but awards Older Americans Act funds to local transit systems. Transportation services are provided by nonprofit organizations or local government agencies.   
Ombudsman Donna Fischer 605-773-3656 605-773-4085 The Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program is mandated by the U.S. Administration on Aging to advocate for and protect the rights of residents of nursing and assisted living facilities. Adult Services and Aging Specialists serve as advocates for facility residents and investigate and work towards the resolution of their complaints. Ombudsman Services are provided at no cost to the resident or facility.
SHIINE Jamie Seiner 605-773-3656 605-773-4085 Senior Health Information and Insurance Education (SHIINE) is a federally funded program through the Administration for Community Living (ACL) and administered by the South Dakota Department of Human Services Division of Long Term Services and Support (LTSS).

Division of Rehabilitation Services

Director Eric Weiss 605-773-3195 605-773-5483 Provide individually prescribed training, counseling and job placement services that allow eligible individuals with disabilities to become employed in a the labor market.
Vocational Rehabilitation Program Division of Rehabilitation Services 605-773-3195 605-773-5483 Program provides individually prescribed training, counseling and job placement services that allow eligible individuals with disabilities to become employed in the labor market.
Disability Determination Services Division of Rehabilitation Services 605-367-5499 or toll free
605-367-5485 Committed to providing accurate, impartial and timely disability decisions for South Dakota citizens.
Assistive Daily Living Services Divison of Rehabilitation Services 650-773-3195 605-773-5483 Provides services to assist those in the completion of tasks for an eligible individual (the consumer) when the consumer is unable to do the tasks by themselves.
Deaf Services or Interpreter Certification Division of Rehabilitation Services 650-773-3195 605-773-5483 Offers a wide variety of services to those that are deaf or hard of hearing. Also offers services for interpreter certification and interpreting.

Division of Service to the Blind and Visually Impaired

Director Gaye Mattke 605-773-4644 605-773-5483 Provide individualized rehabilitation services that result in optimal employment and independent living outcomes for citizens who are blind or visually impaired.
Vocational Rehabilitation Program Division of Service to the Blind and Visually Impaired 605-773-4644 605-773-5483 Professional Rehabilitation Counselors provide Guidance and deliver services that allow consumers to make informed choices in selecting occupations. Counselors assist with services that lead to meaningful employment in a broad range of careers.
Independent Living Services Division of Service to the Blind and Visually Impaired 605-773-4644 605-773-5483 Rehabilitation Teachers provide services to individuals who are visually impaired or blind in their homes and teach alternative methods of doing every day activities. Learning these skills increase the individual's ability to live independently and contributes to their confidence in successful employment or activities in the community.